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The background of the Encyclopaedia
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TekstiThis property is a special property in this wiki. __NOTITLE__ <P align="justify">The c__NOTITLE__ <P align="justify">The current members of the editorial board of The Encyclopaedia of Saami culture project (2020- ) are Dr. Irja Seurujärvi-Kari (Saami studies; University of Helsinki), Dr. Hanna Guttorm (Indigenous studies; University of Helsinki), Dr. Jelena Porsanger (Indigenous studies; University of Helsinki and RiddoDuottarMuseat), Dr. Ilona Kivinen (Saami studies; University of Helsinki) and Dr. Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen (associate professor, Indigenous studies; University of Helsinki). The Encyclopaedia was last updated in 2021, but the information in the articles is not actively maintained today. Nevertheless, the Encyclopaedia works as database of information on Saami culture.</p> <P align="justify">Although there have been significant encyclopaedias published on other cultures (i.e, <i>the Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia</i> in 1994: <i>Finland, a cultural encyclopedia</i> in 1997: and <i>Norrlands uppslagsbok: ett uppslagsverk på vetenskaplig grund om den norrländska regionen 1993-1996)</i>, there was not previously an encyclopaedia containing a wide range of information on Saami culture. The Encyclopaedia of Saami Culture is a necessary work of reference for the international academic community, public authorities, cultural experts, teachers and students in various fields, and for all who are interested in Saami culture - including Saami people.</p> <P align="justify">The articles were primarily written in the beginning of the 21st century in Finnish and English, although there are some articles in Swedish. The diversity and depth of Saami culture makes it impossible to capture fully in an Encyclopaedia: nevertheless, the database gives a comprehensive image of the main topics of Saami culture.</p> <P align="justify">The Encyclopaedia of Saami Culture was originally published in 2005 as Saamelaiskulttuurin ensyklopedia - The Saami: A Cultural Encyclopaedia, and it was granted a state award by The Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland- in 2006. The book edition is comprehensive, and it includes approximately 4000 articles.</p> <P align="justify">The Encyclopaedia of Saami Culture project was launched in connection with a module of Saami Studies that began in the University of Helsinki in 1993. Planning commenced in 1998, and the project was granted funding for two years from the EU in 2001. The project was carried out in the Department of Finno-Ugrian Studies at the University of Helsinki, in conjunction with the department of Saami Studies of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Tromsø in Norway, and the Department of Archaeology and Saami Studies at the University of Umeå in Sweden. Additionally, the Álgu project (an etymological data bank of the Saami languages) at the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland and the Finnish Literary Society were in co-operation.</p> [[File:irjan-tyo-02.jpg|400px|thumb|<i>Members of the editorial board and working group. From the left. K.Aapala, E.Koponen, O.Korhonen, C.Carpelan, U-M.Kulonen, LD. Beck, I. Seurujävi-Kari ja R. Pulkkinen.<BR>The project meeting in the Finno-Ugric department in the University of Helsinki December 2002.</i>]] <P align="justify">Members of the original editorial board and their areas of responsibility were: Christian Carpelan (archaeology, history, ethnography; University of Helsinki), Ulla-Maija Forsberg (Saami language; University of Helsinki), Risto Pulkkinen (religion and Lappological research; University of Helsinki), Irja Seurujärvi-Kari (Project Manager, education, social conditions, modern culture, occupations, environment; University of Helsinki), Jelena Porsanger (oral traditions, literature; University of Tromsø and University of Helsinki); Olavi Korhonen and Mikael Svonni (Swedish Saami affairs, place names and regions; University of Umeå) and Lars-Dan Beck (data base system; University of Helsinki).</p> <P align="justify">The starting point and inspiration of the project was the distinctive culture of the Saamis and the interest towards them that had emerged in different parts of the world. The contributors of the articles in the Encyclopaedia sought to revise and overturn old stereotypes and to present research results concerning the Saamis. Since early times, scholars in various fields, travellers and clergymen have been interested in the Saamis, whose culture has been regarded as the most distinctive among the European peoples. The Encyclopaedia produces a rich store of knowledge that serves as starting point for an Internet-based databank on Saamis. The objective is to chart and systematize information concerning Saami culture across the present-day national borders. In the process of integration, it is important to place particular weight on the cultures and traditional knowledge of Indigenous peoples, and to disseminate results of the previous studies. One of the goals in the project was also to strengthen the Saami society.</p>to strengthen the Saami society.</p>  +
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