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  • |luokat=Areas and geography, Sweden, fells
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  • and micro-organisms together with the landscape ({{Artikkelilinkki|0823|fells}}, rivers, etc.), and is also the habitat of man. The northern regions have ... birches, which grow to a height of 5-10 metres and the bare slopes of the fells. Almost everywhere else in the world, it is conifers that constitute the tr
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  • ...pes fells to prepare for winter. In most years lemmings remain in the high fells above the tree line all the time. The Norway lemming mostly feeds of moss, of lemmings is already high in the autumn, they no longer return up the fells but continue their migration down into the mountain birch zone. If the proc
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  • ...nfluences among other Saami groups, for in summer many of the Saami of the fells came down to the coast for a while in the summer and thus came into contact
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  • ...m the 1670s to the 1740s that shamanism disappeared into the mountains and fells to become the secret religion of the last pagans, although there was still
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  • ...ittle lower than <i>Raedie</i>. She was the goddess of those mountains and fells that first turned green in the spring, and she allowed the new grass to gro
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  • ... of creatures. For example, if the skeleton of a reindeer was found on the fells, the bones had to be collected and laid out under a bush in their proper or ...he was able to obtain half his soul and travel as a wild reindeer over the fells. The myth thus emphasizes the close relationship between humans and the wil
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  • ...(most commonly antlers) were sacrificed to them. The <i>sieidis</i> of the fells were dominant features of the landscape, single individual rocks that were
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  • ...d themselves into wolves because it was fun to chase the reindeer over the fells.</P>
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  • ...mar). The Inari Saami are known to have sacrificed to the Wind God on some fells to the west of the village of Inari called Piegg-oaivadz the Heads of the W
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  • ...mmer, and the reindeer try to escape from the midges by moving to the high fells or the sea coast. From around Midsummer s Day to August, the reindeer shed
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  • ...inds of environments from the rocky islets of the outer archipelago to the fells. It is a lone animal, and it moves at dusk and by night. Its main sustenanc
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  • <P align="justify">The Arctic fox lives on the fells and moves at all times of the day. Its main sources of food are voles and l
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  • ...stify"> The white snowy owl (<i>Nyctea scandiaca</i>) nests in the highest fells. Owls which hunt by day are the hawk owl (<i>Surnia ulula</i>) and the shor
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  • forest and fell mountain birch zones to the summer pastures on the high fells and the coast of the Arctic Ocean.</p>
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  • ...means not only an individual piece of high ground but also a whole area of fells. The word has corresponding forms in most of the Saami languages, although
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  • <P align="justify"> The belief in a people living underground inside the fells is of Scandinavian origin. The above-mentioned Saaminames are accordingly l
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  • ...aroni Paakkunainen) created the albums <i>Sámi eadnam duoddariid</i> [The Fells of Saami] in 1978, <i>Davás ja geassi</i> [To the North and summer] and <i
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  • ... the sun. They expressed dedication to the spirits and consecration of the fells and lakes that they were thought to inhabit. In these pieces, vocal music h
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  • ...bob bilberry favours moister sites than bilberry, but on the mountains and fells they grow together, although the berry yield there is lower. The vitamin C
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