Roots Duodji: tools, materials etc.

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Juuret: Duodji: esineet, raaka-aine jne.

Katso englanninkielistä välilehteä Roots Duodji: tools, materials.

Muut materiaalit: Duodji

Sisällysluettelo: Asuminen, työkalut, vaatetus yms.

Gunvor Guttorm

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Roots Duodji: tools, materials etc.

Roots are raw materials of duodji used by the Saami both for making ropes, straps for their skis and other types of cords for tying. All types of roots can be used, the thick ones for making bigger items and the thin for producing finer items. The Eastern Saami have used pine roots and their special way of tying these roots together has survived until today. In other parts of Sápmi it is more common to use birch roots. Today root handicraft has become an income for some artists. Working with roots is time consuming as both getting and preparing the raw materials and the handicraft itself demands a lot of skill. The scholars mentioned above, Schefferus (17th century) and Leem (18th century), confirm that the Saami made items from roots. Knud Leem mentions among other things that the Saami made sálkoriid/salt bottles from fine roots. The two sisters Ellen Kitok Andersson and Margit Kitok Åström from Gällevare and Jokkmokk in the Swedish side of Sápmi have become known for their special technique of root plaiting. Maleena Fofanoff from Sevettijärvi in the Finnish side of Sápmi has continued the Eastern Saami tradition of plaiting roots.

Other raw materials: Duodji
About Duodji, handicraft

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Gunvor Guttorm

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