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Muut materiaalit: Duodji

Sisällysluettelo: Asuminen, työkalut, vaatetus yms.

Gunvor Guttorm

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Silver is the raw material that the Saami artists just recently have begun to use themselves. In spite of this we can speak of Saami silver craft. The previously mentioned horn spoons have functioned as models for the Saami that ordered silver spoons from the silversmiths. The beginning of the 18th century, reliable sources established the fact that the silver spoons got their original shape from the horn spoons. Silver brooches and other jewellery also belongs to silver craft. Artefacts of silver and gold are important parts of clothing. The Saami use both brooches and buttons for the silver belts. There are other types of decoration that are significant, such as amulets. How many brooches you wore and how big they are depend on which area you come from. In some areas you can tell from the shape of the silver buttons whether the person who wears them is married or not. In some areas there are also differences between buttons for men and buttons for women.

Among the Saami silver- and gold smiths the following can be mentioned Torill Labba, Vuolit Övre Soppero, Petteri Laiti, Anár/Inari and Risten Anne Hætta, Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino.

Other raw materials: Duodji
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Gunvor Guttorm

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