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Dát ii leat vel davvisámegillii

Čále dan

The dish, bowl or vessel

Trough shaped dishes, bowls or vessels are made out of burls of the bole or knots of the root of the birch. These belong to the category of gárit. Also the dog has a special bowl, made from a burl. It is called čuget.guvssit/vessels are utility objects. By looking at their shapes and the way they are decorated it is possible to decide from which area they originate or even who made them. If we look at old vessels we see that some of them are wider and rather shallow. In the most northern areas the vessels often have ears or handles. Some old vessels are richly decorated and some are very plain. Those who make vessels in these days make them either for daily usage up in the mountains or for decoration. The shape of the latter is to be looked at/admired and these vessels often have decorated horn intarsia.

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